Announcing CloseKnit™ – a New Virtual Primary Care Practice

We believe that to improve healthcare, we must improve the patient experience, ensuring equitable access to high-quality, affordable care.

The past two years have accelerated the adoption of tech-enabled healthcare through necessary developments in infrastructure, investment, and policy changes to promote equitable access to care in response to the pandemic or other barriers.

At Healthworx, we look to what healthcare could be and run towards it. We believe the future of healthcare, fueled in part by accelerated technology adoption, will be fully accessible (wherever, whenever), affordable (without surprise bills), patient-centric (no matter what) and focused on supporting the holistic health journey (not simply sick care) for everyone. To achieve that, there are five factors we believe must be true of the future of care:

          • Longitudinal for routine and chronic needs.
          • Accessible 24/7, especially for acute needs.
          • Transparent in terms of options and cost.
          • Integrated and seamless, especially for navigating complex needs.
          • Focused on whole person care, not sick care.

We are proud to commit to our beliefs in the future of healthcare by announcing the launch of CloseKnit™, a new, virtual advanced primary care practice.

CloseKnit™ is available through a mobile app to CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield commercial members. The practice delivers what we believe a doctor’s office should be—patient-centric, virtual-first, connected, transparent, and focused on whole health.


Through the app, consumers can access a team of highly qualified, experienced healthcare professionals 24/7/365 for the same co-pay they’d have at a traditional brick-and-mortar primary care visit. Free chats, same-day bookings, quick and easy prescription refills, guidance for specialty care; it’s a one-stop shop for preventive, urgent & chronic care at your fingertips.

Join us in celebrating the opening of a new kind of primary care – one that truly has the potential to make quality healthcare affordable, accessible and equitable.

CloseKnit™ can be accessed through the Apple and Google Play stores.

Learn more about CloseKnit™ at