Convening Experts in Healthcare to Promote Innovation

As we close out the summer months and as we continue to wrestle with a pandemic that has changed our world, we’ll hopefully soon turn a corner and start to rebuild after a season of loss. I am convinced that as we do this, we can reshape our world to place a higher value on equality and empathy; and reimagine healthcare to serve each of us more holistically with greater precision. Tearing down the walls that deter action and slow progress in an industry on which each of us is dependent.


I believe the future of healthcare cannot rely on one person or organization finding a magic formula for life-long health. Rather, our ability to convene passionate, intelligent and diverse people to collectively drive healthcare transformation resulting in a more accessible, affordable and equitable state. Our publication, In the Worx, exemplifies that belief – it represents the people and partners who are collectively working towards a healthier tomorrow.

Before I leave you to explore these stories and perspectives from across the healthcare ecosystem, I want to share my thoughts with you about where I believe our industry is going next in three critical areas:

Quality. Outcome-based care will continue to gain momentum. Moving away from fee-for-service is the only way we can meaningfully make healthcare about outcomes over profits.

Accessibility. Access means affordability. It means flexibility. It means navigating healthcare in the way that best fits our circumstances as individuals. I believe we can move toward this by both closing the digital divide and recognizing digital is not a singular answer. A better answer is product design that puts people first, meeting them where they are with a perspective on where they can go.

Equity. Our ability to improve health equity is the real key to improving the health of all people. Through partnerships, new solutions and thoughtful investments, we must remove the social, financial and cultural barriers that prevent people from the opportunity to be healthy. On this, we must take immediate action and cannot be voyeurs in this struggle.

You will see (and feel) these themes throughout the first edition of the magazine, and I hope it inspires you to join us on our journey to better our future – starting at the intersection of health and innovation.