Healthworx, Halcyon partner supporting trans-led tech startup Euphoria.LGBT

While this year’s Pride month has come and gone, inclusive design, products and language need to be a priority in healthcare year-round.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for transgender individuals to experience discrimination while seeking care, or to have to educate providers about their identities. Some even experience providers refusing to administer care because of personal beliefs or discomfort with the patients’ gender identities.

EuphoriaLGBTTo address the gap that exists in healthcare and foster a more inclusive healthcare experience, startups and established companies alike are creating new products and expanding their offerings to meet the growing demand for equitable, accessible healthcare for all. Many of these companies, including Euphoria.LGBT, are highlighted in this new report on LGBTQ+ digital healthcare from Rock Health.

“Our current healthcare system doesn’t provide equitable care for everyone, especially for the LGBTQ+ community and those undergoing gender transition. Solutions like Euphoria.LGBT are driving critical innovations that include the overlooked and underserved queer communities. We are proud to support them, learn from their work and collaborate with them to improve healthcare equity,” said Healthworx Hub Lead Emily Durfee.

Because of this gap in equitable care, Healthworx is thrilled to support Euphoria.LGBT through our partnership with Halcyon. As a Healthworx Fellow in the upcoming cohort, Euphoria.LGBT will receive both general business and pitch support and deep healthcare advisory, helping them to quickly scale solutions to address the needs and pain points of transitioning individuals.

“Euphoria is working on what we describe as the next generation of transition technology,” said Robbi Katherine Anthony, CEO and Founder of Euphoria.LGBT. “…it has the capability to remap the entire landscape around transition. Our next generation of products could reduce by more than 90 percent the money spent on transition, which currently carries an average cost of $150k per person.”

Euphoria.LGBT is one of few companies in the market explicitly designing solutions for the trans community, and both Healthworx and Halcyon are looking forward to providing mentorship and resources to support their success.

“For seven years now we’ve been able to look at Halcyon’s Incubator cohorts to get a sense of some of the most pressing issues in the world, and who’s on the forefront of addressing them. Euphoria.LGBT shines a spotlight on the experiences of trans people who deserve access to healthcare resources that work for them,” said Ryan Ross, Halcyon Chief Innovation Officer. “We’re so glad that, once again, the team at Healthworx has chosen as its Healthworx Fellow someone who represents an inclusive approach to healthcare.”

When asked about participating in the Halcyon program, Anthony shared, “We feel incredibly honored that Euphoria.LGBT has been selected as the Healthworx Fellow for the Halcyon Incubator. As a trans-led, trans-tech company, we see this as a pretty significant milestone, not just for our company, but for trans entrepreneurs at large. Our work is centered around solving the great pain points of gender transition, and with Halcyon and Healthworx by our side, we will be that much faster and more capable at creating those solutions.”

Euphoria.LGBT and the rest of Halcyon Incubator Cohort 15 were announced today – learn more about them on Halcyon’s website.