Patient-Centered Interoperability

Navigating healthcare can be a daunting task even for healthcare professionals. As the United States healthcare system developed, it siloed certain portions, resulting in fragmented care and communications.  

Ricardo R. Johnson, Head of Healthworx, recently wrote a commentary piece for MobiHealth News titled “Why patient-centered interoperability is the next healthcare hurdle for innovators.” In this article, Johnson discusses how investors, payers and providers can use digital health tools to simplify the healthcare system.  

“Calling the U.S. healthcare system complex would be like calling the universe big: an understatement that poorly conveys its true scale,” says Johnson. “It's populated with primary care physicians, specialists, pharmacists, insurance companies, labs, therapists, caregivers and others – all using different tools, methods of communication and care delivery solutions.” 

Johnson describes the healthcare system as an old house that has renovated rooms, but nothing is cohesive or complete. Demolishing the house is an unlikely option, but patients should not have to just accept the house as it currently stands. Is there a solution? 

“Fixing the old house is possible,” says Johnson. Technology has advanced at a rapid pace, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. By harnessing new technologies, all facets of healthcare can streamline the patient experience and bring together those preexisting silos.  

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