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Patient-Centered Interoperability

Navigating healthcare can be a daunting task even for healthcare professionals. As the United...
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Convening Experts in Healthcare to Promote Innovation

As we close out the summer months and as we continue to wrestle with a pandemic that has changed...
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Healthworx, Halcyon partner supporting trans-led tech startup Euphoria.LGBT

While this year’s Pride month has come and gone, inclusive design, products and language need to be...
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What Behavioral Health Solutions Need to Get Right

Will it work? This is one of the fundamental questions we ask when we evaluate opportunities at...
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MD Business Innovation Challenge: Building Industry Collaboration

Emily Durfee, Healthworx Hub lead, joined corporate leaders from IBM and SC&H Group to talk about...
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Behavioral Health Trends to Watch

The pandemic accelerated support and activity for healthcare innovations, particularly in care...
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