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We incubate, launch and scale sustainable health solutions to address critical problems and empower people to live better lives.

Innovation is always possible

Sometimes it only takes a single solution to revolutionize an entire industry, and Healthworx is committed to identifying and supporting the best in healthcare innovation.

Our team is focused on accelerating the development and deployment of innovative solutions so great ideas can start impacting lives. 

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Memento is a tech-enabled support platform for people who provide care to their loved ones.

Powered by community, Memento offers coaching, tools and education to unblock common caregiving barriers to help people have the time and space to prioritize their own health, happiness and productivity.

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Featured team member

Say hello to Mike.


Prior to Healthworx, Mike Batista founded and led his own digital health company leading him to his current role as Director of Commercialization. Today, he leads a venture studio team building sustainable new businesses working to solve some of healthcare’s most important challenges.

I'm inspired by the builders and entrepreneurs I get to work with everyday who combine their passion for healthcare with a drive to solve impactful problems, helping the lives of people across different backgrounds and communities.

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