Healthworx Ventures Joins evolvedMD’s $14M Series A-Prime Funding Round to Support Accessible Behavioral Health Care

Our nation is experiencing a mental health crisis, and as a healthcare organization, it’s up to us to seek out, and invest in, the right solutions. 

According to Mental Health America’s State of Mental Health in America Report, there are more than 50 million Americans experiencing a mental illness, and a staggering 55% of adults who are suffering receive no treatment.  

To alleviate this issue and improve access, we are grateful to work with evolvedMD, which places behavioral health specialists in primary care practices so they can offer high-quality onsite collaborative care that improves patient outcomes and reduces provider burnout. 

This thoughtful and innovative model is incredibly effective, which is why we joined evolvedMD’s Series A-Prime funding round, which closed at $14M in June 2023.  

Echoing the importance of this milestone, co-founder and co-CEO Erik Osland shared his thoughts in their press release announcement, “There is a dire need for easy access to behavioral health care – from developing adolescents and isolated seniors to Medicare beneficiaries and private market patients.  

With record rates of depression in the U.S., we are looking forward to extending our reach as a company to treat many more patients.” 

Emily Durfee, our Director of Venture Capital at Healthworx chimed in with her perspective on this positive momentum below: 

“We are investing in evolvedMD because we are invested in our community’s behavioral health. We believe that integrating behavioral and physical health will dramatically improve the lives of our CareFirst members, and that evolvedMD is the right team to bring this vision of improved health outcomes to life.” 

This move is just one of many strategic investments by the Healthworx Ventures team, who invest in high-impact healthcare companies working to drive the industry forward. Healthworx Ventures is uniquely positioned to provide partners with long-term support and offer insight into the payer mindset, access to deep relationships in the ecosystem and the opportunity to work together to make healthcare better for everyone. 


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