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At Healthworx we are large scale operators and strategic investors, providing guidance and perspective rooted in our in-depth understanding of the healthcare ecosystem and the entrepreneurial journey.

We’re uniquely positioned to provide our partners long-term support as  we offer our partners insight into the payer mindset, access to our deep relationships with providers and subject matter experts and the opportunity to work together to make healthcare better for everyone.

Featured project

Socially Determined

Socially Determined is an advanced analytics platform that quantifies, visualizes and assess social determinant risk.

Our investment in Socially Determined aligns with our focus on whole person care and complements its focus on bringing forward solutions for the most vulnerable populations.

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Featured team member

Say hello to Emily.


Emily Durfee has spent her career working with and for socially engaged startups. Today, she brings together diverse groups of partners and entrepreneurs to design and integrate solutions into the highly regulated, complex healthcare space.

I’m excited to support innovators as they work through the challenges, inequities, and complexities of our health system, and to combine industry expertise and startup agility to build towards a better future. 

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