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The solutions for more affordable, accessible and equitable healthcare requires a collective effort.

Healthworx is building the future of healthcare through sustained partnerships with companies who have demonstrated success. As thought leaders creating real value by simplifying healthcare innovation, we have a strong track record of acquiring and partnering with companies who share our values, vision and culture.

We strengthen companies by bringing their visions and solutions to a broader audience using our experience, culture and deep relationships with a major payer and other strategic partners. In short, we choose the best ideas, then build bridges and break down walls to make them work.

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Say hello to Soo.

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Before joining Healthworx and becoming Co-Manager for 1501 Health, Soo Jeon  was an Investment Fellow for the Material Change Institute, a non-profit that empowers underrepresented investors to advance their careers. This is where she began to cultivate herself as an investor that looks further than just profits. Now, with 1501 Health, she's continuing her education in the investment world and engaging with early-stage startup founders.

I'm excited to broaden our impact for our cohort companies who are challenging traditional norms in healthcare. I’m looking forward to expanding our circle of entrepreneurs, advisors, and cabinet leads, while focusing on our big picture strategy to introduce new offerings that will add value to our founder-focused program.

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Featured partnership

1501 Health

1501 Health is a year-long incubation and investment program, providing early-stage companies with investment, expertise and support from the region’s leading payer and community health system.

We are leveraging our resources and networks to bolster startups that are changing the future of healthcare and improving the health of communities.

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